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My name is Tammy Krofta and I live in Richfield, Ohio with my wonderful husband of 12 years and our mischievous kitty Merlin and our beautiful puppy Luna. When my husband and I got married, we decided on a sunset beach wedding in Florida with just close family and friends.  Our ceremony was beautiful.  The only thing that would have made our day better was having an officiant that would have told our love story. It just was not something he did. I did not allow that to take away from the fact that I was marring my best friend. So, I started Two Shall Become One Ceremonies with the vision of providing couples with a personalized ceremony that all couples deserve. Every couple's wedding ceremony will reflect the heart of their choosing. Your wedding ceremony can be anywhere that has special meaning for the two of you. Also, I can acuminate out of town couples by meeting on zoom instead of in-person. Your ceremony is specifically tailored to you.
Two Shall Become One Ceremonies takes your ceremony
          off of   your shoulders, but not out of your hands.
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