My name is Tammy Krofta and I live in Richfield, Ohio with my wonderful husband of 7 years and our mischievous kitty Merlin and beautiful puppy Luna.  When my husband and I got married,  the only thing that I would have changed is our officiant.

  We were not very happy with the ceremony wording.  The officiant did not give us a choice, but I did not allow that to take away from the fact that I was marrying my soul-mate.

I started Two Shall Become One Ceremonies  with the vision of providing couples with a personalized wedding ceremony that everyone deserves without limitations due to religious or financial constraints.  I work with every couple to make sure your wedding ceremony reflects the heart of your union.  Your ceremony can be at any location of your choosing.  I have performed ceremonies at parks, hotels, private homes ,banquet centers and even at my own home.  I am willing to go anywhere that has special meaning for the two you. Also, I can accommodate out of town couples who may need  Skype time for meetings instead of one on one time.    Your ceremony is specifically tailored to you at an affordable cost. 

Two Shall Become One Ceremonies takes your ceremony preparations off of your shoulders but not out of your hands.                      Relax and enjoy the most important day of your Life.